Ericah’s Picks

Ericah, marketing assistant for William Morrow, recommends these must-reads—from fiction to cooking.

  • The Binding

    "The perfect book to snuggle up on the couch with all weekend when it’s too cold to step outside. As soon as you start reading, you’re immersed in another world that you can’t stop thinking about."

  • We Met in December

    "The ultimate Christmas rom-com! The same as watching your favorite British romantic comedy on Netflix that’s super sweet and just perfect featuring a run through Hyde Park end scene that’s classic — a must in every great rom-com."

  • The Art of Escapism Cooking

    "All the ramen recipes and soulful dishes that brought back my joy of cooking in the winter. Dream night: put on a record, pour yourself a glass of wine and have fun cooking some of the amazing recipes in this BEAUTIFUL cookbook."

  • Another Brooklyn

    "A classic. No matter the reading mood you’re in, this lyrical novel moves me every time I read it."