Elizabeth’s Picks

Elizabeth, senior manager of Digital Marketing, suggests some royally good books to give this festive season.

  • My Favorite Things

    "Maira Kalman is one of my favorite artist/illustrators ever. She’s also an enchanting writer and in My Favorite Things, she uses her extraordinary gift of storytelling to share her favorite objects and most treasured memories. Everyone loves receiving a gift book… Why not get them one with heart and soul?"

  • A Tree Grows in Brooklyn [75th Anniversary Ed]

    "Francie Nolan has never left me since I first read this book 20 years ago. Life was so much simpler back then, and although the Nolan family faced many hardships, they never lost their light and love of family. This 75th anniversary edition of Betty Smith’s classic is simply lovely. The cover is frame-worthy!"

  • Red Lipstick

    "Coco Chanel said, 'If you're sad, add more lipstick and attack.' It’s true: red lipstick has serious power. Rachel Felder’s glamorous book delves deep into the fashion icon’s history which is altogether entertaining—all accompanied by sublime photographs. It looks pretty darn chic on a coffee table, too."

  • The Other Side of the Coin

    "If you’re captivated (okay, obsessed) by the British royals like I am, this majestic book is a must-read and must-have. Fully endorsed by QEII herself, Angela Kelly quite marvelously shares candid stories of what it’s like being Her Majesty’s dresser and confidant."

  • Fifth Avenue, 5 A.M.

    "This book managed to include everything I love: Audrey Hepburn, Breakfast at Tiffany’s, film making, fashion, and New York. If you enjoy a good backstory, I recommend it wholeheartedly—with a side of popcorn."

  • Christmas at Rosie Hopkins' Sweetshop

    "I stumbled upon Jenny Colgan’s The Bookshop on the Corner a few years ago and I’ve been hooked on her charming books ever since. This new one doesn’t disappoint, and, it’s the perfect, feel-good holiday read!"