Ashlyn’s Picks

Ashlyn is marketing coordinator for Ecco Books. She thinks these books are the ones to get this holiday.
  • Screen Tests

    "This book looks and sounds so appealing to me! I’ve been meaning to read it for at least six months but haven’t had a chance yet, so I’ll be gifting it to myself this year."

  • Doxology

    "A multi-generational family story for fans of music, politics, coming of age stories, and Nell Zink’s biting humor—I could give Doxology to anyone on my gift list and have it feel like a uniquely personal gift for so many different reasons."

  • Semicolon

    "A pocket-sized guide to the history of semicolons! Need I say any more? Give it to your friend who manages to work semicolons into text messages."

  • The Secret Garden (Illustrated with Interactive Elements)

    "This was one of my favorites as a kid so I may be a little biased, but this gorgeous illustrated edition of a classic would make a great gift for any young reader!"